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Arizona Cardinals Defensive Lineman Nick Eason Is Leaner, Hopefully Meaner After Offseason

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Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Nick Eason has made himself a much more visible member of the team this offseason. He joined Twitter. He has done a lot of community work. He even sparred with a reader. He also has lost a ton of weight.

Doug Haller wrote an article focusing on Eason and what he has done this offseason to prepare for 2012. He has lost 40 pounds, and weighs in at about 282.

Now, he says that he is quicker and can play longer, which was somewhat of a necessity a season ago after Dan Williams went down for the rest of the season with a broken arm.

However, he plays nose tackle, and in the Cardinals' defensive scheme, he is expected to occupy space and blockers.

He may be quicker and he likely has not lost any strength (if you recall, Darnell Dockett wanted to see who was the strongest player on defense, whether it was him or Eason. But is a lean Eason going to be as effective anchoring the defensive line?

Alex predicted that Eason will be left off the final 53-man roster, and while I don't think that will happen, could this weight loss be a slight negative, given the position he plays?

What do you think?

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