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5-29-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - Offseason Stuff

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Floyd frowns at the lack of news (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Floyd frowns at the lack of news (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Unfortunately, with the holiday and all, another very quiet day for news.

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks drop series opener vs. San Francisco Giants
Miguel Montero couldn't understand it. He knows starter Trevor Cahill has had his problems in the first inning this season, but this was different. Here was Cahill throwing strikes, his ball darting and sinking. Only this time, instead of his wildness hurting him, it was the other team hurting him. "He gave up four runs in the first two innings and I don't know how, to be honest," Montero said after the Diamondbacks' 4-2 loss to the San Francisco Giants. "I thought it was the best I've ever seen him throw." It was a day in which confusion reigned for the Diamondbacks.

NFL News:

Bill Polian thinks a later trade deadline could have helped the Colts | ProFootballTalk
The NFL’s decision to move the trade deadline back two weeks has one recently fired NFL executive wondering if that move could have saved his job if it had happened a year earlier.

Numbers don’t support Alex Smith’s claims about Cam Newton | ProFootballTalk
But for the lawsuits and arrests, last week’s back-and-forth from players on franchises that used to be division rivals would have gotten a lot more interest and attention. Still, the comments from 49ers quarterback Alex Smith about the perceived reason for Panthers rookie Cam Newton’s uncanny stats in 2011 were noticed by key players from each team. Panthers linebacker Jon Beason verbally smacked Smith down, and 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis defended his quarterback. The numbers seem to cut against Smith’s theory, according to Peter King of