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Early NFL Power Rankings Put Arizona Cardinals 21st After Draft

It seems a bit early to do this, but people are already making NFL power rankings. Rosters aren't set, rookies have not even taken the field, but, why not, let's start ranking teams already.

In SB Nation's most recent rankings, the Arizona Cardinals are applauded for their drafting of receiver Michael Floyd, but are not given a ton of love, mainly because the quarterback play for 2012 is still a bit of an unknown.

The Cards were ranked 21st with this explanation:

Love the addition of Michael Floyd. But who's going to be completing those passes? Receivers only take you so far.

While most of us likely disagree, these rankings at least keep things at least in line with the division. The Cards are ahead of the Seahawks and Rams, while trailing the 49ers by a bit.

Where do you think the Cardinals should rank at this point? Let us know in the comments.

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