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John Skelton Splitting Snaps With Kevin Kolb In OTAs

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It is officially time to begin the Kevin Kolb and John Skelton debate. They essentially split the season last year, coach Ken Whisenhunt has said that they are both competing for the starting job and now, in OTAs, the competition is really on! (note sarcasm)

Ken Somers tweeted this after Tuesday's practices were done.

This is not news, of course, other than the fact that they are trading off.

Last week, they were splitting snaps, but Kolb was getting most of them.

Should we read anything into this? Maybe, maybe not. After all, these are only OTAs. It isn't training camp.

However, if there is one thing it shows, it is that Whisenhunt is serious (at least for now) about giving both players a fair shake and that he wants to give both guys a shot at grabbing hold of the job and winning it.

What do you think? Should we read into this at all?

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