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Kevin Kolb Has New Helmet, Not Worried About Concussions

Lots of people are worried whether quarterback Kevin Kolb can make it through a season without a concussion. He is not one of those people. He talked to Darren Urban on Tuesday after OTAs and Urban focused an article on that topic.

"I don't worry about them," Kolb said about suffering another concussion this season. "It was a freak deal. They don't happen all the time."

This is true. However, he did take precautions. He has a new helmet, which is a great idea. This helmet supposedly has better protection for the back of the head.

Truthfully, he has to have that attitude.

He believes he will be in the league a long time.

What kind of player would honestly go to work everyday worrying about that? He is a football player. He plays a sports in which people get hurt. You can't play scared.

He did what he should have. He recovered and he looked at his headgear. Now he has to worry about his play and not his head. He can't make good reads in game action if he is focused on what whether or not he's going to get knocked in the head.

He might not be worried about concussions. I'm not worried about concussions. The coaching staff is not worried.

Why should anyone else worry then?

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