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ROTB Roundtable: Quentin Groves, #2 WR, and Hard Knocks

With summer arriving, that means the Cardinals have officially started their OTA's, minicamps, and soon, Training Camp. And, with all of these activities, come questions.

Hit the jump for the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of these questions, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) The Cardinals recently picked up Quentin Groves, an OLB. How will this affect the starting lineup, and do you think it was a wise move?

Jesse Reynolds: Quentin Groves should add some depth to the team that is really young at OLB. Right now 3rd year O'Brien Schofield is the most experienced guy at the position so adding another body with some time in the league is a savvy move.

JoeCB1991: I don't think the starting lineup will be affected. Acho and Schofield will be the starters, if Groves makes the team it will probably be as a rotational guy unless he really lights it up in camp and the preseason in a way that makes the team feel he can be the starter.

Jess Root: Depth is good. Based on how Groves has been a disappointment since he was drafted, I doubt that he will crack the lineup. But he is talented, yet hasn't put it together. If he can, he will be a great addition.

Tyler Nickel: Picking up Quentin Groves was a great move for the Cardinals organization. He has never played in a 3-4 system as an OLB and his strength is a pass rusher, so I could definitely see him as an effective tool for this football team. I still think they will give Acho and Schofield the nod as starters, but Groves will definitely get some snaps and could compete.

Cdeveau: Groves, the OLB they picked up appears to be depth. Haggans is still rumored to be back. Acho and Schofield are promising stars. The Cardinals still have a lot of other young roster players at OLB position as well. So, as I said, depth, if he makes the team.

CardsFan08: I like the addition of Groves and Williams. For both guys this is a shot to show that they are not busts. I'm a big fan of giving people that last chance to prove themselves, and hopefully Horton and his assistants can help develop these guys. If they do they'll become total homers for the chance to prove themselves and as thanks to the team who gave them that chance.

Alex Mann: It won't make a difference on the starting lineup but I can see Groves making a massive impact on the rotation. There's a reason this guy was picked up in the second round, and even though he hasn't showed it in the NFL he will be able to be a solid rotational player. As much as a lot of non-Cardinal fans, (and some Cardinal fans believe) that Arizona is a place for old guys to retire, it's a lot more common for guys to revitalize their careers. Look at Holliday last season. A lot of people thought he was done and would get cut immediately but he proved us wrong.

2) The possible candidates for the #2 WR job are Michael Floyd, Early Doucet, and Andre Roberts. Who do you think will win this 3-way battle, factoring in Coach Whiz's hesitance for starting rookies?

Jesse Reynolds: I'm stuck. I'm going to take the coaches way out, supposedly we don't have a true #2 so play time will be based off of packages. So I think Early and Andre will see more reps until the coaches trust Floyd.

JoeCB1991: Whiz has gotten a little bit better about playing rookies, so if Floyd does well enough in camp and the preseason I think he could get the job. If not, I think Doucet will start to open the season.

Jess Root: I still think that Andre Roberts will be the guy, but Floyd will probably find his way in to the lineup at some point during the season.

Tyler Nickel: At first, I think the #2 WR will be Andre Roberts. I think he has shown flashes of great potential (see the Dallas Cowboys game from 2011) and it is his job to lose. Unfortunately for him, I think he loses that #2 job by week 4-5 by Michael Floyd. The talent is just too great to pass up, even if he is a rookie.

Cdeveau: I hope the Cardinals are the winner of this three way battle, because they need someone to step up as the #2 WR. Of the 3, Floyd physically fits the bill, with Doucet moving into the slot. Roberts lacks the speed, size, and strength to be anything other than a slot receiver as well.

CardsFan08: I think Doucet and Floyd will split time at #2 to start the year, and Doucet and Roberts will split time in the slot. Floyd will take over, but I'm guessing not for a couple of games. The real battle is going to be for WR3.

Alex Mann: I don't think he'll win the job outright but he will earn it sometime during this season. Until then Doucet will take the #2 spot and be a solid fill till Coach Whiz thinks Floyd is ready.

3) The Miami Dolphins are going to be featured on the show "Hard Knocks", though it was more of a last resort, as many teams had already rejected the show's offers. Would you want the Cardinals on the show, or would you want them to stay away? Why or why not?

Jesse Reynolds: Haven't ever seen the show, so I am not sure.

JoeCB1991: I would be okay with the Cardinals being on the show. I don't have HBO so I would not be able to watch it, but it would be interesting to watch if I did have it.

Jess Root: I would want the Cardinals to be on Hard Knocks. I wouldn't see it because I don't have HBO, but it would be great to have the team get some notoriety. It would never happen, as it has been noted more than once that it doesn't seem to be Ken Whisenhunt's sort of thing, but I for one would think that it would be good for the franchise, especially considering how unknown and unpopular the team is across the nation.

Tyler Nickel: I would love to see the Arizona Cardinals on Hard knocks. The QB battle between John Skelton and Kevin Kolb would probably be the main storyline, while other positional battles would be good to see too. Watching the rookies go to work, along with some of the other players fighting for a roster spot would be interesting as well. There is plenty to get excited about with this team and I think seeing an insider perspective would have been great. Oh well, maybe next season.

Cdeveau: I've never seen the show. But I've seen what reality tv does to couples, etc. And the Cardinals don't need that drama in the season, especially with where they are now. Let's revisit this question after back to back SB wins.

CardsFan08: As much as I would like the Cardinals to be on Hard Knocks to get that insider view, I'd prefer they are not. The reason being that I think it's too much of a distraction, and I have a simple question, how many teams have performed well while Hard Knocks was being filmed? And what was the impact once they left (from a win/loss percentage)?

Alex Mann: I wouldn't mind seeing Arizona on Hard Knocks but I also don't think it'd be best for the team.