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Kevin Kolb's New Helmet Is Among Highest Rated

Just a day ago, we learned that quarterback Kevin Kolb is not worried or playing in fear of another concussion, something that he has suffered each of the past two seasons. One of the things that he did was get a new helmet.

ESPN NFC West blogger Mike Sando got more information on the helmet.

Kolb previously used a Schutt XP, one that is used by a lot of players in the league. However, it is not one of the highest rated helmets for protecting against head injures and concussions. In a Virginia Tech study (which I believe they now do yearly because I recall posting about the same thing a year ago), that helmet got three stars, or a good, rating.

Kolb's new helmet, the Riddell Revolution Speed Classic, got a five star (or best available) rating in the same study. It was one of three models that got that rating.

As I said in the other post, I think this was a great idea. Whether or not he worries about it happening again, the fact it has happened the past two seasons should be enough to examine whether he is doing enough to prevent them. Getting a better helmet is simply a good idea.

While there are a lot of opinions about Kolb on this site, I would certainly hope that none of them include wishing he gets hurt. If John Skelton is going to end up the starter, it is better for the whole team if he wins it outright and not because of injury.

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