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ROTB Roundtable: Draft grade, Favorite New Picks, and Michael Floyd

With the draft coming and going, the Cardinals are now faced with a new set of questions to be answered (Which isn't exactly a bad thing, as the off-season drags along).

Hit the jump for the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of these questions, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) What grade would you give the Cardinals performance in the 2012 NFL Draft?

Tyler Nickel: As I stated in my post a couple of days ago, I would give the Cardinals a B+ for their draft efforts. I liked that they went out and got 3 offensive linemen, but I did not understand the Ryan Lindley selection all that much. I thought they could have grabbed up a pass rusher there instead.

Jesse Reynolds: I am giving the Cardinals an A-. I think they grabbed some great players and really stuck to BPA. I didn't care for the QB pick and would have preferred another position.

Cdeveau: What grade? B+. They addressed most of their glaring needs. OL, WR, S. However, they did not pick up any OLB presence. That being said, the picks that they did make all appear to have great value in the rounds picked. Massie in the 4th was a great pick. Floyd gives us another highly rated WR to pair across from Larry Fitzgerald.

Alex Mann: Overall I'd give the team a B+. We addressed 2 of our biggest needs being at Tackle and someone opposite of Larry Fitzgerald. Plenty of people were upset with the Lindley pick in the 6th Round and the selection of Flemming in the 3rd. Both are actually solid Picks with Lindleys big arm and Flemmings willingness to attack the ball.

Jess Root: After I I had time to think, and especially after Bobby Massie fell to the fourth round, I liked the whole draft. They addressed the offensive line with youth. They got a safety in Bethel, they got a potentially great receiver in Floyd and they even got a quarterback to develop. Good work.

JoeCB1991: I'd give it a B. I would have liked to have seen an outside linebacker added at some point just because the depth is a little thing at that position, but I am happy with who the Cardinals drafted.

2) What new draft pick are you most excited about?

Tyler Nickel: It's got to be Michael Floyd. Is he going to be the next Anquan Boldin? Will he be able to take pressure off of Fitz. These are the questions I am looking forward to seeing answered.

Jesse Reynolds: It's a toss up between Lloyd and Massie. I think Lloyd will really help in the run game and opening up the middle and I think Massie could be a solid RT. Once training camp comes we can see how these guys are doing.

Cdeveau: Which draft pick am I most excited about? Floyd. He was our top pick, he plays a skill position.

Alex Mann: Conventional thinking would put Floyd here and I am excited to see him play, but the guy I'm most excited to see make the team is an undrafted player... Paul Vassallo our of Arizona. Growing up in Tucson, especially near the U of A, you are typically expected to attend a U of A game. He's a sure tackler and can play anywhere in the linebacking corps.

Jess Root: When the pick happened, I was most excited about Massie because he fell an additional round and I really wanted him taken in the third round.

JoeCB1991: Floyd, because of how much he can open up the rest of the offense by taking coverage away from Fitz and leaving less defenders in the box to focus on stopping Beanie and Williams.

3) Some people were upset that WR Michael Floyd was taken in the 1st Round, and others were happy. What side are you on, and why?

Tyler Nickel: I am on the happy side. Floyd is a big talent coming out of Notre Dame and the Cardinals had a need for a #2 WR. Floyd should fill that role more than adequately and hopefully he can blossom under the direction of Frank Reich and Larry Fitzgerald.

Jesse Reynolds: I was against the pick but after watching many of the players we were mocked with slide down the board into the late teens and early 20's I felt that I was wrong about Lloyd and the other players mocked to us. While I would have preferred an OT or an OLB I think that the value we got with Floyd justifies the pick.

Cdeveau: Even though Floyd was projected as a top 10 pick, I was hoping that the Cards would trade down and garner a few more picks to be used in this draft. But as they say, hand is dealt, play what you have.

Alex Mann: I'm on the happy side. I like the pick and he was better than any of the Offensive Linemen that were currently on the board. Many people wanted Reiff with that pick or DeCastro but Floyd was the best option for us.

Jess Root: I was good with the pick. He's good and should be what the Cards need. I would have been fine with a lineman. But since we still got linemen and Floyd, even better.

JoeCB1991: I liked it. He has a ton of talent, his presence alone should also help open up al ot of things for the offense, and he gets to be mentored by the best receiver in the NFL.