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Michael Floyd Isn't Impact Pick For Arizona Cardinals In NFL Draft

After the NFL Draft a week ago, probably the pick that most people talked about for the Arizona Cardinals was receiver Michael Floyd. Most expect him to be able to make an almost immediate impact on the Arizona offense. However, after the draft was over, it was not Floyd that ESPN draft guru Todd McShay said would be the Cardinals' impact draft pick.

In his breakdown of of the impact and intriguing picks for each team (you'll need Insider access to read it), McShay had another pick in mind. He said the impact player would be third round pick Jamell Fleming.

This is what McShay said:

The Cardinals need a No. 2 corner opposite Patrick Peterson, so Fleming should have the opportunity to compete for significant playing time. He has good size and improved steadily during his time at Oklahoma. Fleming was productive, has good instincts in zone coverage and the potential to hold up in bump-and-run coverage as well.

Fleming was the surprise pick of the draft for the Cardinals because most of us figured the team would go offensive lineman with the pick.

However, based on the few quotes that we got from Ken Whisenhunt, he is impressed with what he feels he could do on the team.

Do you all think that Fleming will end up being the impact pick of the draft for Arizona? I still have to believe it will be Floyd. In Ray Horton's defense, a corner's role is not as easily learned as it is for a receiver to learn his routes. Plus, Fleming has several people to unseat to move up on the depth chart.

Will Floyd or Fleming make the biggest impact in 2012, or will it even be something else?

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