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Meet Arizona Cardinals Undrafted Free Agent Conrad Obi

Yesterday we looked at two defensive players that will look to make an impact as undrafted free agents for the Arizona Cardinals. Zach Nash was signed to get to the opposing QB, while James Dixon can not only defend wide receivers, but he can play on special teams and even come in for certain packages on offense as well.

Toady, we will look at two more defenders. To start things off, we look at Conrad Obi, a defensive tackle coming out of Colorado. Find out more about Obi after the jump.

First of all, Conrad Obi hands down wins the award for best name among all undrafted free agents. As a defensive end and tackle in college, he was not really an elite pass rusher, but he did become a good plug along the defensive line. Here is what the Cardinals press release has to say:

Colorado defensive end CONRAD OBI (oh-bee) (6-3, 290) appeared in 41 career games, including all 25 over the past two seasons. After playing just 99 snaps on defense in his first three years, he was on the field for 381 snaps on defense and made seven starts as a senior. Obi totaled 36 tackles during his four seasons with the Buffaloes, including a career-high 31 tackles, three pass break-ups, one tackle for loss, and one fumble recovery in 2011.

At the Colorado pro day, Obi ran a 5.15 second 40-yard dash, he recorded 24 reps on the bench and his 3 cone drill time clocked in at 7.9 seconds.

So what are we to make of Obi? He did not spend a ton of time on the field during his college days, but when he was, he was productive. To me, this pickup screams warm camp body, but this is also a signing based on potential. He is a pretty good athlete for a defensive tackle and the Cardinals do lack depth at the position. If anything, there is a chance he could make the practice squad.

Check out this video of Obi discussing his shift from defensive end to defensive tackle during his sophomore season:

What are your thoughts? Does Conrad Obi have a shot at making the roster in any form? Tell us in the comments section below.

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