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Ken Whisenhunt Says He Wants Kevin Kolb To Be Starting QB

During OTAs, the Arizona Cardinals have been alternating days between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton taking snaps with the first team offense. Some people would like to turn this into a QB controversy. Some hope that Kolb takes the job and some hope that Skelton does.

Right now, it is too early to even begin to speculate, but it is about competition.

However, head coach Ken Whisenhunt did come out and say who he hopes wins the job.

"I'll be honest with you, I obviously know how much we invested in Kevin. I want Kevin to be successful. I want him to be our quarterback but I'm not going to ignore the fact that John Skelton worked pretty hard and did a good job in there when he was playing, too. He's earned the right to compete for that spot."

There you have it. He wants Kolb to start. That is obviously because he was part of the decision making that led to the acquisition of Kolb.

But he is open-minded, which is what you need in a football coach. He is recognizing what Skelton did. Plus, he likes competition, so there you have it -- split reps.

What does this mean? It means fairly clearly that Kolb will have every opportunity to succeed. It also means that he is honestly giving Skelton a shot.

Whichever side of the quarterback fence you sit on, you have to like and admire how Whisenhunt is handling things. It wasn't a slip of the tongue. It was a calculated comment. He knew what he was doing, and in the end, he wins. NOw on to the end of the day.