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Larry Fitzgerald Gets Trapped In An Elevator With A Less Than Knowledgeable Sports Fan

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You all may remember the cool behind the scenes video I posted a couple of weeks back starring Larry Fitzgerald and a bunch of expensive suits. Well, The NOC was back at it again, this time bugging the superstar receiver at the Sports Spectacular in Los Angeles.

Comedian Adam Lustick decided to go into one of the main elevators, press the button to stop at every floor and when an athlete entered his domain, he would bug them to death. Check out the video after the jump.

Not only did Fitz fall victim to Lustick's trap, but other athletes such as Ahmad Bradshaw, Robert Horry (who I still harbor resentment against) and others step into the trap as well.

My favorite part of the whole video was easily when Fitzgerald is called "Larry Fitzsimmons" and is described as playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks. While he may be a fan of the local pro baseball team, he certainly does not play for them.

What was your favorite part? Tell us what you think of this funny video in the comments section below.

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