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Who Will Be The Arizona Cardinals Breakout Player In 2012?

With very little going on right now because OTAs are done and nothing actually happening, we look ahead a little bit into what might happen this season. We bust out the crystal ball and try to see what will happen.

To start, let us look at who might be the breakout player of the season for the Cardinals.

The following would seem to be in place to do so.

1. Ryan Williams -- he is a big questions mark because of the knee injury. However, if he is healthy and even a portion of what he showed last preseason, he could be special. The coaching staff saw it in the short time.

2. Dan Williams -- He was out of shape coming into last season, but the light started to go on right before he broke his arm. He appears to be in better shape and reportedly is working hard. He potentially could have a huge impact on the team's defensive play.

3. Stew Bradley -- Probably the team's biggest disappointment in 2011, he knows the system and is ready to roll. Plus he has another season removed from his knee injury.

4. Greg Toler -- Toler was poised for a breakout 2011, but, like Ryan Williams, had his season derailed by a knee injury in the preseason. He is on schedule for his return and could be a big boost in the secondary.

5. Andre Roberts -- A slow starter his first two seasons, he has the tools to be like Steve Breaston. He has the speed and he knows the system. Now he has the competition in Michael Floyd.

6. Levi Brown -- He seemed to turn a corner the second half of the season. Was it really a turned corner? We will find out once the season begins.

Which of these six (or even another player) will end up having the biggest breakout season? Vote and tell us in the comments.

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