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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: Which Young NFL QB Would You Want On Your Team?

In the 2012 NFL draft, there were two premiere young college quarterbacks taken at the top end of the first round. Andrew Luck was selected first overall by the Indianapolis Colts and Robert Griffin III was taken by the Washington Redskins after they traded up into the second overall pick.

There are also quite a few good young QB's already in the league. Cam Newton broke plenty of rookie records as a Carolina Panther last season. Then you have players like Sam Bradford, Andy Dalton, etc.

So today's question is this: If you could have any young quarterback on your team, who would it be?

My choice would be Cam Newton. After thinking he may perhaps be a bust in this league, I was quickly proven wrong. He is a big, athletic, strong armed quarterback that can win a football game in a variety of ways for your team.

What do you think? Who is your choice for best young QB? Tell us in the comments section.