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Monday Afternoon Thread: What Do You Think Of Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski And His New Contract?

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Boy do I hate dead periods in the NFL. While mini-camps are set to open tomorrow, we are stuck in a quagmire of seemingly endless boredom with no oasis in sight. So, as we have done the past few days, we are going to throw a question out to the community and have you guys debate. It's actually very entertaining to watch.

So for today's question, I ask you this: What are your thoughts on Rob Gronkowski's new contract?

If you had not heard, Gronkowski recently signed a 6-year, $54 million megadeal to remain with the New England Patriots. Last season, Gronkowski put up record breaking numbers in the form of receiving yards and touchdown receptions. He truly became one of the key offensive cogs, helping to propel the Pats back to yet another Super Bowl matchup against the Giants.

Personally, I see Gronk's new deal as a total win for the Patriots. He clearly had outperformed his rookie contract and as a tight end that can not only catch, but block as well, a new deal was well deserved. And according to some numbers I have seen flying around regarding the way his contract is structured, it seems to benefit the Patriots as well.

What do you think? Now that Gronkowski is the highest paid tight end in NFL history, is he being overpaid? How will this affect other tight ends such as Jimmy Graham and even Gronk's teammate, Aaron Hernandez, moving forward? Tell us in the comments section below.