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Signing Vets And Rookies: Holliday, Floyd, Fleming

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And in a flurry of activity, the Arizona Cardinals made moves today, adding a defensive presence from last year back into the fold, while at the same time, coming to terms with their first two draft picks of 2012.

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At 37 years of age, the re-signed Vonnie Holliday takes over the title for oldest Arizona Cardinal. He also brings with him a great locker room presence, and a career's worth of playing time. Not only that, but his addition gives the Cardinals depth across the defensive line. This should benefit the younger players from the knowledge standpoint, and also give the Cardinals a stable presence at backup as Holliday saw 13% of the defensive snaps last year.

The second move of the day brings the Arizona Cardinals first round pick into the #Birdgang. WR Michael Floyd who last played for Notre Dame signed a 5 year contract, and although not yet verified, I have heard the salary number being bandied around as $10 million. Floyd was very productive in college, and I expect to see that production continue as he lines across from Larry Fitzgerald.

Lastly, the Cardinals also signed their third round pick, their second pick of the 2012 draft, CB Jamell Fleming from the University of Oklahoma. His signing was to a four year deal, and their is a projected half million dollar signing bonus applied to his contract as well. His signing is great for the Cardinals as well, who in years prior would struggle to get their top picks signed before training camp.

Both Floyd and Fleming have looked good in the mini camps so far, while Holliday is a sure thing to the table. And most importantly, the Cardinals are on the front end of getting players signed, as they are one of nine teams that have signed all their draft picks.

What are your thoughts on the re-signings, the draft signings, and the speed in which the organization handled their business? Let me know in the comments below.