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O'Brien Schofield Performs Fan Fest Rap, Talks Preparation For 2012 On TV

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Arizona Cardinals linebacker O'Brien Schofield was a guest on Channel 12's EVB Live on Monday afternoon. He was on to help promote the Fan Fest that the Cardinals will hold at University of Phoenix Stadium on Wednesday evening.

Schofield, who had surgery on both of his shoulders in the offseason, noted that he is ready to go. He only took a week off after the season was over and has been preparing ever since. "I'm very hungry," he said on the air. "I'm ready for this season and it's going to be exciting."

He also has a passion beyond football and that is his music. He has released some rap tracks he has done and has a CD coming out in September. He has a studio in his house. "That's my getaway from studying my playbook," he explained.

He even shared "a tease" of some of his rhymes. This is what he said on the show:

2012 here, and I'm on a mission.

Two years in the league, now I'm reminiscin'

The hard work I put in to make the transition

they question my ability but I got ambition

Schofield has me excited for the season. If he has prepared as well as he says he has, this could be a big year for him. He loves to get after the quarterback and if he does, the defense could have some fun on the field.

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