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ROTB Roundtable: Vonnie Holliday, Todd Heap, and National TV

As the Cardinals start nearing the Training Camp period of the off-season, they still are raising questions for us to answer, despite the seemingly endless days of no football.

Hit the jump to see the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of these questions, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Vonnie Holliday was recently signed to a contract extension. Do you agree with this decision, and how will this affect the depth chart?

Jesse Reynolds: Bringing back Haggans and Holliday is both good and bad. Good because of their leadership and experience in the system, bad because we haven't found players on the depth chart to make them expendable. With quality starters in front of them their experience should help as long as they play limited snaps.

JoeCB1991: Great move by a depth and leadership standpoint. Depth chart won't change from last year.

Cdeveau: Yes I agree with the decision. The Cardinals are going youth movement, but with all that youth, you do need a veteran presence to temper it. Holliday lays well when asked to, and after 15 years in the league, is the mentor the Cards were looking for as well. How does this affect the depth chart? Much in the same way it did last year, he will back up the starters.

Jess Root: Holliday was a great signing. He showed he could still contribute and as Coach Whisenhunt noted, he has been very good for Calais Campbell, David Carter and Dan Williams. Perfect addition.

Tyler Nickel: Re-signing Vonnie Holliday was a win-win for both the Cardinals and Holliday. Holliday won't affect the depth chart much, but he provides veteran experience and some talent to the depth on some defensive line. I am quite in favor of this move by the organization.

Alex Mann: I like the decision. If in the rare chance that Dockett or Campbell go down, we know we'll see some solid play out of both spots from Holliday. He's a leader and a strong character for those young players on the team, and as we all saw, Floyd was awestruck when he found out he was the same Holliday he watched as a kid.

2) Todd Heap told Darren Urban that he'd like to be an every-down player. Do you think he should be given this role, or should the job go to one of the other TE's; Rob Housler or Jeff King?

Jesse Reynolds: Heap has proven himself as a play-maker and as being injury prone. If he isn't injured he is an every down type of TE and he should be. Regardless we will see a lot of two TE sets this year with the depth we have at TE.

JoeCB1991: If Heap can stay healthy, sure I would be fine with him being an every down player. The other guys will still get plenty of chances to get on the field anyway.

Cdeveau: If Heap wants to be an every-down player, let me see it on the field. Stay healthy. Block, catch, do the things an every down TE does. That being said, I know the Cards like to run two TE sets, so Heap will see plenty of snaps this year. If he stays of the Kevin Kolb, I mean inactive list.

Jess Root: Heap, if healthy, IS an every down player. The issue last year was that he wasn't healthy. He is versatile enough to be used a lot of ways. That doesn't mean, though, that he will be in all the snaps. That is why you have depth.

Tyler Nickel: I don't think any of the tight ends should be an every-down player. I believe they all have certain skillsets and that they should be used accordingly. Heap can both catch and block, so while I do see him getting most of the snaps still, I think Housler and King are still going to be very productive in 2012.

Alex Mann: Until either Rob Housler or Jeff King show they can be an all down starter then yes he should be given it. We saw King fill in, but he disappeared rather quickly because he is a second string TE. Housler has potential to be an all down TE, but with injuries and inconsistency at the QB spot, as well as him coming from Florida Atlantic where his raw athletic talent let him get away with things, he still has a lot to learn. So Heap should be given the role.

3) Michael Bidwell has never hidden his intent to secure the Cardinals more national television time. If you could pick one team for the Cardinals to play against on national TV, who would it be, and why?

Jesse Reynolds: The New York Giants or the New England Patriots. Both teams are fresh from the Superbowl and will be getting tons of attention and so beating them will get the team respect. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.

JoeCB1991: This season? The Eagles or the Bears for Kolb vs. Vick and the rematch of the Monday Night Meltdown.

Cdeveau: One team. I like the Giants or the Patriots because of there closeness to the SB. I'd also be good with a high profile team that will put the Cards on display in front of many watchers. The Cowboys would be that team. (Sides, it's fun to beat the Cowboys)

Jess Root: The Steelers in the Super Bowl, or any team in the Super Bowl for that matter.

Tyler Nickel: I have really grown fond of watching the Cardinals take on the Dallas Cowboys, so if I had to choose a team, I guess it would be them. Seeing Tony Romo, Jerry Jones and company cry after every loss makes my heart warm.

Alex Mann: I'd like to see us play the Patriots on a Monday or Thursday night game. Our strong Defense against their strong Offense combined with their weak Defense and our meh Offense would be a pretty great game to watch. Beating them would definitely open up a few eyes around the league too.