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Afternoon Question Of The Day Open Thread: Tebowing, Jaguaring, Something For The

You may have missed it, but in Jacksonville, someone came up with a celebration inspired by "Tebowing," when Tim Tebow kneels on one knee and his head bowed in a sort of prayer stance, but for the Jaguars.

The video on Youtube was greeted by massive criticism, and it now has been removed, so you can't go see it anymore. But "Jaguaring" could be summed up like this:

Step One: Put your claws up.

Step Two: Move to the side.

Step Three: Down.

It got some harsh reactions across the Internet, including at SB Nation.

Jaguaring Might Be The Worst Thing Ever - From Our Editors -
This whole thing is all sorts of awkward, from the teaching process to the cut-ups of people Jaguaring. And why does this look like a half-Thriller? Just ... what are you doing, Jacksonville? Please don't do this anymore.

Now, as ridiculous as this is, in baseball we have seen strange common celebrations. The Milwaukee Brewer go "beast mode" with seemingly every hit. The Arizona Diamondbacks countered with a snakebite in the playoffs a season ago.

The question is this -- should the Cardinals come up with some common celebration that the players can use for all big plays -- something that fans can adopt as well?

What do you think?