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6-15-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - Booing

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 Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Minicamp is over, and now we have a story of a little group of fans that were booing Kolb at Fanfest getting talked about by the media.

Now, I get booing him if he plays badly in the regular season. But this is Minicamp, it is too soon for anything like that, lets just give the QBs time and see what they do in Training Camp and the Preseason please.

Arizona Cardinals News:

Uncertainty surrounds Arizona Cardinals offense as off-season practices conclude
The Cardinals ended off-season practices on Thursday without a starting quarterback, with their two top running backs coming off knee injuries and with a tight-end rotation they haven't quite figured out how to use. The offense could be called a work in progress, but that's assuming it will progress. The outcome of this season depends upon it.

Cardinals Taking Shape
But team still undefined after finishing up minicamp and offseason work

Fans booed Kevin Kolb? Sorry, didn't hear it - NFC West Blog - ESPN
About 15,000 fans turned out to watch the Arizona Cardinals during their "FanFest" practice Wednesday night. If some of them booed quarterback Kevin Kolb, I didn't hear it. I arrived for the event 90 minutes before players walked onto the field and left well after they had departed. Darren Urban was also there and heard at least some booing. He didn't write a story about it. He merely responded to a tweet. The boos weren't loud enough or persistent enough to catch my attention or become a subject for discussion among the people I encountered during and after the event.

Word From the Birds Blog | And then it was over
The Cardinals finished up minicamp — and the entirety of their offseason on-field work — today a little early, with coach Ken Whisenhunt giving his players the added bonus of calling off the final gassers just as they lined up to run them. blogs - Kent Somers - Impressions from an off-season of work
Most of the Cardinals players won't return to work for about six weeks after wrapping up minicamp on Thursday. Coach Ken Whisenhunt was happy with the results of this off-season, but cautioned time and again that nothing is proven until the fall. In dealing with Whisenhunt, and most other coaches for that matter, you have to read between the lines sometimes to determine what they're thinking. That was not the case, however, on Thursday when Whisenhunt talked about running back Beanie Wells.

Kevin Kolb booed at Cardinals Fan Fest | ProFootballTalk
As the saying goes, the backup quarterback is the most popular guy in town. While John Skelton may not have earned that title in Glendale, Arizona, they’ve found their pariah.

Arizona Cardinals' Michael Floyd eager to help
The first thing you should know about Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd is that he is not afraid of hard work. He used to take the city bus every morning from East St. Paul, Minn., so he could arrive to high school early and clean classrooms with the custodians, a work-study program that helped pay for the private school's tuition. "It can be hard at that age to be different from your peers," Cretin-Derham Hall football coach Mike Scanlan said. "Frankly, we're a White middle-class school, and Michael was coming from a different place. But he did what he had to do to stay in school, and I always appreciated that about him." University of Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly said he never saw a player who worked harder or delivered more talent. That's a good sign for the Cardinals, who made the 6-foot-2, 220-pound receiver their first-round draft pick in April and long for an offensive complement to standout Larry Fitzgerald.

Fan Fest boo birds a sign Kevin Kolb has work to do -
Kevin Kolb has work to do. No, not with his game, though he did misfire on his fair share of passes Wednesday night. Playing in front of fans for the first time since last season, Kolb overthrew Larry Fitzgerald on a deep ball, had a throw picked off by linebacker Reggie Walker in the end zone and saw his final pass of the night batted down at the line of scrimmage. There were an estimated 15,000 fans in attendance at the Fan Fest, and you have to figure most were simply excited to be in the building and see their team for the first time since January 1. Many of them booed the QB.

Cardinals' Ryan Williams: 'I'm almost back' -
More than 15,000 fans flooded to FanFest at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Wednesday night to get the first public glimpse of the 2012 Arizona Cardinals. One of the more promising things they saw was second-year running back Ryan Williams participating in 11-on-11 drills for the first time since suffering a torn right patellar tendon and meniscus in a preseason game against Green Bay last August.

Kevin Kolb deserves a second chance -
I have a question for Cardinals fans: What did Kevin Kolb do deserve getting booed Wednesday night? We're not talking about a game, and we're not even really talking about a practice. We're talking about a minicamp workout at Fan Fest! Kolb probably thought he was back at Lincoln Financial Field instead of University of Phoenix Stadium. Besides, when did you turn into Philly fan? Of course last season was a disappointment. Kolb would be the first to tell you he should've thrown more than nine touchdowns and fewer than eight interceptions in only nine starts. He'd also tell you he should've made more than nine starts. I'm guessing he didn't overly enjoy battling turf toe and head injuries last season. I'm going to also assume Kolb didn't enjoy feeling like a sitting duck in the pocket because his left tackle didn't/couldn't block for him. Sure he had happy feet, but wouldn't you?

Is the pressure on Beanie Wells? -
Beanie Wells had a breakout season in 2011 for the Arizona Cardinals. The former first-round pick out of Ohio State ran for a career-high 1,047 yards on 245 carries in 14 games. He did a lot to dispel to the label that he couldn't play through pain, too, often excelling despite being bothered by a knee injury for a good portion of the season.

Cardinals coach Whisenhunt 'depressed' over minicamp's end -
The next time we see the Arizona Cardinals they will be in Flagstaff for training camp. The team held its final practice Thursday afternoon in Tempe, putting a cap on a stretch that included a rookie- only minicamp, OTAs and now the two-a-day-practice minicamp. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt is sorry to see it all end.

Sights and Sounds from Fan Fest
For the first time the Arizona Cardinals held their annual fan fest in University of Phoenix Stadium.

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks avoid sweep against Texas Rangers
Jason Kubel and Gerardo Parra homered to back Daniel Hudson's seven solid innings in Arizona's 11-3 victory over the AL West-leading Texas Rangers on Thursday night. The Diamondbacks scored one run while losing the first two games of the series, but led for good in the finale after Kubel's two-run homer in the second off Scott Feldman (0-6).

NFL News:

Chat wrap: NFL's best defensive division? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Challettv from Boise did raise a strong point. He thinks the St. Louis Rams' defense will improve quickly under coach Jeff Fisher. "If that happens," he wrote, "the NFC West is gonna be a crazy defensive division. Is there another division in the NFL that could be as good defensively?"

Texans' Gary Kubiak, Rick Smith Receive Contract Extensions -
The Texans made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history last season and the two men at the top of the organization have been rewarded for it.

Mark Sanchez struggles with accuracy at minicamp -
We've had a little fun the last two months with all the overanalysis surrounding the Sanchez-Tebow "battle" in New York during OTA season. So we may as well cap it off with one final breakdown. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News has your final New York Jets minicamp stats. Sanchez got all the starter snaps.

DeSean Jackson raises eyebrows with pricey rap label | ProFootballTalk
The writing was on the wall about a year ago when Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson dropped some $25,000 at a Los Angeles nightclub to fund his Jaccpot Records launch party. Yes, DeSean Jackson is the Chief Executive Officer of a rap label. And a rapper he employs, named Kid Cali, tweeted a receipt of a least part of Jackson’s expenditures on that night last June. Jackson made the aforementioned investment when he was still collecting minimum base salaries. Last November, there were whispers Jackson was broke. He since signed a five-year, $47 million contract with $15 million guaranteed. Which makes you wonder how much he’s ponying up now.