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Coaches Tape To Be Made Available To Fans In 2012, Is This A Good Thing?

According to Deadspin and Mike Florio from, the NFL plans on allowing all fans to start viewing coaches film as soon as 2012. Many fans already buy the NFL Game Rewind to watch their favorite games and plays over again, but now, there will be another added feature.

This new feature has been entitled "All-22" and for just $69.99 per year, you can see everything that Ken Whinsenhunt and other NFL coaches do. But is this a good idea on the NFL's part? Some people have their doubts.

One of the most outspoken people against this new initiative is Charley Casserly, a former GM in the NFL and current talking head for CBS Sports. Casserly claims that the fans really won't have any idea of what they are looking at and, in essence, they will just become more confused.

Truthfully, as Florio points out in his column, neither the media nor the fans have any clue of what plays were called when players do fail on their assignments. Was the receiver that caught the ball supposed to be covered by a linebacker or was he the safety's responsibility? Sometimes it is just too hard to tell.

The fans are now getting closer to the game than they have ever been. Sure, it is a good way to keep expanding the reaches of the NFL, but at what cost? Will this potentially take away the need for a color analyst during live broadcasts? Probably not, but there are those that seem to think that an overly-educated fan is not necessarily a good thing.

Personally, I like the move by the NFL. Sure, it is a revenue maker, but it does give fans more of an inside look. Even if they don't know what they are looking at, I don't see this as being something harmful to the game in itself. On top of that, media sites like Pro Football Focus and others will only become more accurate with this tape now available to them.

What do you think of the league allowing the fans and media access to All-22? Is this a good move or will it have catastrophic implications like some writers have indicated? Tell us what you think and vote in the poll.

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