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Afternoon Open Thread Question: Which NFC West Player Is More Versatile?

In post earlier today, we learned how Patrick Peterson was listed as one of the NFC's most versatile players. In that same post, while recognizing the impact that Peterson had on the season, he may not even be the most versatile player on the Cardinals. You could argue that running back and kick returner LaRod Stephens-Howling is even more versatile than Peterson.

Beyond that, in that same list that excludes the Hyphen, there are a pair of other NFC West players that are mentioned -- Ted Ginn, Jr. on the San Francisco 49ers and Leon Washington of the Seattle Seahawks.

We know what was said about Peterson (if you missed it, read it here).

This is what was written about Ginn:

The feeling by a lot of people is that Ginn has underachieved for most of his career, and while his speed is outstanding, his consistency catching the ball is poor. His 19 receptions a year ago needs to improve as well. However, the 49ers have really upgraded their receiving corps heading into 2012, which means that Ginn will likely devote most of his time as a return specialist (27.6-yard kickoff return average in 2011, 12.3-yard punt return average). He can still be dangerous as a role player in their three- and four-WR packages, especially on reverses.

And about Washington:

Entering his eighth season in the NFL, Washington is still a productive player in a lot of areas for the Seahawks. He is most dangerous as a returner (as an outlet receiver, he had a modest 10 receptions), and as a backup running back, he rushed for 248 yards on 53 carries. He is a shifty guy with good open-field elusiveness and dependable hands. He will likely fill in as a third-down back and see more touches in 2012.

Don't forget LSH!

Now it is your turn to discuss the matter openly. Comment away. There is no poll, and that is on purpose. Discuss away!