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Life After Horton: Could This Be His Final Year In Arizona?

This man clearly has some style.
This man clearly has some style.

We saw our own Ray Horton be interviewed by the St. Louis Rams for their vacant head coaching position this past offseason, which was ultimately attained by Jeff Fisher. After reading about how our defense is night and day from last season already, I got to thinking about how long we'll have Ray Horton.

What would happen if we lost him? How far would our defense fall? Would we keep the same defensive scheme? There's truly more questions than answers, but one thing we do know right now is that a stellar year from the Arizona defense could put him in line for many head coaching jobs and he would more than likely take one. It's been his dream to play and win a championship at every level of his playing and coaching career.

Would he leave Arizona with unfinished business just to attain that dream? I don't think he would, but weirder things have happened in the NFL. One such answer to keeping Ray Horton in Arizona, (and this is certainly not going to happen) is that if our offense falters, which seems possible, we should sack Ken Whisenhunt from his head coaching position and promote Ray Horton to it (I had absolutely no say in this, just a fans perspective).

At first glimpse it appears rather harsh, but is it truly?

Let me know your thoughts on this. It's certainly something to think about heading into the 2012 Season.