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Afternoon Open Thread Question: Did NFLPA Fail The Players?

If you haven't been following the saga of the Saints and bounties, you haven't been paying attention. Jonathan Vilma swears he was not part of it. Drew Brees says that the evidence the NFL is producing is like the evidence the government gave as proof of WMDs in Iraq years ago.

Roger Goodell is acting like a king and judges have ruled in favor of the league. SB Nation's Story Stream covers the story from start to finish if you want to read up on it.

Now Falcons receiver Roddy White is making noise, placing the blame squarely on the NFLPA for giving Goodell the power he has.

White tweeted:

"Don't know why we complaining we did this to ourselves," White wrote. "I applaud roger godell [sic] for brokering a hell of a deal and I blame nflpa for failing us. ... Whoever is the head of the baseball union that's who we need to hire they never have problems. ... Ok they have had problems but not on the same issues that where [sic] problems before they signed a new cba as a union. the nflpa fixed none of our real problems. ... Sold us a great dream about how good the deal was I didn't even want to sign that card because I knew the deal we signed was terrible."

The question -- is he right?

Are the players in the situation they are in only because they didn't fight for a better deal?

What are your thoughts?

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