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What Will A Bigger, Stronger (But Still Fast) Daryl Washington Produce In 2012

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As Arizona Cardinals fans, we know the impact that linebacker Daryl Washington can have on defense. Last season, he logged 107 tackles, five sacks, two interceptions and seven pass deflections. However, even a year ago he was still considered a little small for his position.

This offseason, he has come into OTAs with more weight, as noted by Darren Urban in his article on the topic.

He weighed in at 243, above where he wants to play (about 238 so that he is 245 with pads). The best part is that he says that his speed is still there, so he is not sacrificing that for bulk.

So...the question is this. If he was able to produce what he did a season ago and come into camp just as fast but bigger and stronger, what will he produce this year. Keep in mind that he has another year in the league and a full offseason in the defense set.

How good is he going to be this season?

I, for one, think he will be a incredible -- 120+ tackles, five picks and five to seven sacks. This defense is designed to let linebackers shine. He will do exactly that.

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