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Wednesday Afternoon Thread: NFL Considering Playing More Games Overseas

Talk of the NFL expanding it's reach globally continues to stir during this long and arduous offseason. According to, there has been some discussion about possibly playing some games in Ireland in the near future.

We already know that some games are played at Wimbley in England every year, but now the NFL may be exploring the idea of playing games in other countries as well.

So the question for today is this: Do you like the idea of the NFL playing games in multiple foreign countries?

Keep in mind, the amount of travel that the players are forced to go through by taking trips overseas can be somewhat grueling on them. Can you imagine the Cardinals having to take a trip to somewhere in Europe? That is quite the trip.

While we do want to see the NFL grow, the pros and cons must be considered very carefully. Tell us what you think about the NFL expanding it's boundaries in the comments section.