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ROTB Roundtable: RB's, Secret Weapon, and the "Never won a Superbowl" Club

With the month of July, and consequently Training Camp time, rolling nearer and nearer, the Cardinals are still managing to stay in the news, raising more questions for the ROTB Writing Staff to answer.

Read their answers after the jump, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Beanie Wells has been a frequent story in the news lately, as Coach Whiz has called him out publicly. Who do you think will end up being the starter, Beanie Wells or Ryan Williams?

Tyler Nickel: This is basically going to be Ryan Williams' rookie season and he will be working back from his patella tendon injury. For that, I still think Beanie Is not only going to be the starter, but due to his experience, he is still the more reliable back as well.

Jesse Reynolds: I assume Beanie will because he is the veteran and has more experience. I think Whiz just wants to push him and let him know that job isn't his to just sit on, he has to fight for it.

Alex Mann: I don't see either being our true starter. It'll probably wind up being a committee. Both are talented but Wells cannot handle being a full time starter, hence the injuries, and Williams has to show he can still be a productive player after last seasons injury.

JoeCB1991: Beanie will open the season as the starter, but they will both get plenty of carries if they are healthy.

2) Which player on the Cardinals will be a "secret weapon" for the team?

Tyler Nickel: You heard PFF, it's going to be David Carter. Carter will start stealing snaps all across the defensive line, both at end and as the nose tackle. Don't be surprised if he possibly even overtakes Dan Williams for the starting role.

Jess Root: Their secret weapon...I think that it will come on the defensive side of the ball in the form of Jamell Fleming at nickel corner. Playing inside, he will have the chance to make some big plays and will be part of a very good defensive backfield.

Jesse Reynolds: Housler. If the guy can harness his athletic ability and make some better grabs he could be a dangerous weapon. Just think of the size we have in the red zone: Fitzgerald, Floyd and Housler. His speed will also help stretch defenses and open up lanes for our slot WR's. We could potentially have a incredibly dangerous offense if our QB can take advantage of the talent.

Alex Mann: I would say Vonnie Holliday. Old yes, but still productive. Teams won't be scheming against him because of where he is on the depth chart. But when he's in the game he can still produce.

JoeCB1991: Housler, not many people besides us really know about him yet so he could catch some teams off guard.

3) Out of all the teams that have never won a Superbowl, which, in your opinion, is most likely to win one next?

Tyler Nickel: Honestly, I think the Detroit Lions are as close as anybody. They have a solid QB, one of the best WR's in the game and if they can establish a run game, look out. Their defense is still young nad by adding a top flight corner it will become one of the best as well.

Jess Root: The Texans are probably it. They were put together right and with their third string rookie QB, were a couple of plays away from the AFC Championship game, and very possibly could have beaten New England. With a healthy Matt Schaub and a division that is pretty weak outside of the Texans, they look to be in good shape.

Jesse Reynolds: Houston Texans. They are good on both sides of the ball and would have gone further if they had not lost Schaub to injury.

Alex Mann: It comes down to Arizona and Detroit in the NFC and the Texans in the AFC. If Arizona can get solid QB play then yes we have a legitimate shot at the Superbowl, and if Detroit can get solid defensive play without all the stupid mental mistakes then they're next in line. It comes down to whomever can get their necessary play first. The Texans looked like they would make t he SB till Schaub went down with injury, but even then after 3 Qb's before him Yates still produced and manged to get them to the Playoffs. They now have depth at the QB position and a best defense they're next in line for the AFC, but who will win it comes down to which NFC team can get their positions set.

JoeCB1991: Houston. They just seem like the most well balanced team in terms of offense and defense.