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Clark Haggans Serving Jail Time

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Clark Haggans is spending his free time this offseason doing something no Cardinals fan would have expected... Serving jail time.

Haggans reported to the Westmoreland County Prison on Wednesday to begin his sentence. He went to serve time for a prior traffic violation, and there is no word on how long he will be incarcerated, but since there wasn't any sort of mass media coverage we can safely assume he'll be back in Arizona at the start of training camp.

The news was broken on, and while it comes as a surprise that he is to spend some time in jail, it comes as no surprise he chose now to do so. He's a team player and chose now as the best time so it didn't interfere with minicamps where he was able to meet the new guys, and training camp where he would be fighting to be the starter.

What's your reaction on this? I'm sure we'll be hearing more from Haggans about what happened, but until then we know that it's only a traffic offense.

*Note from Tyler- It appears that Haggans is serving time due to a DUI offense, according to multiple reports. This could severely impact his chances of making the team should it be true.