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Projecting Arizona Cardinals Midseason Defensive Starting Lineup

On Wednesday, I posted my projected offensive starting lineup for midseason. Today, it is the defense's turn.

On the Cardinals' official team page, Darren Urban also posted his projections.

As for my projections, once again I ignore the injury factor. That is too hard to predict. So these projections are based on coaches' decisions based on practice and performance.

Urban believes the Week 1 lineup will look like this:

DL: Darnell Dockett, Dan Williams, Calais Campbell

LB: Sam Acho, Paris Lenon, Daryl Washington, O'Brien Schofield

CB: Patrick Peterson, Greg Toler

S: Adrian Wilson, Kerry Rhodes

It is actually a little difficult to see anything much different than this unless injuries happen (which are certainly a factor in every NFL season). The defense has most of the team's leaders.

However, I see one change happening. Stewart Bradley will crack the lineup to overtake Lenon. Lenon will still get lots of snaps and Bradley will get moved around on the field playing both inside and out, but Bradley will finally make the starting lineup.

At cornerback, as talented as Jamell Fleming will be, Greg Toler will hold him off and keep him playing inside as a nickelback.

Although David Carter is considered a Secret Superstar for 2012, Dan Williams is simply more talented at the position and will be much more focused. Both will play, but Williams starts.

The other possibility is that Quentin Groves makes an impact and starts. I don't think that happens because he has to learn the defense, so while I think he will make plays, he won't be the starter. Plus, Acho has already proven himself and Schofield is very hungry.