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Negotiations Between NFL And Officials Going Like NFL Lockout -- In Court

It was not long ago when news broke that stated that negotiations between the NFL and the league's officials had broken down and that the league was prepared to hire replacement referees for the 2012 season.

Things have not improved much, as now the courts are involved. The union for the league officials now has filed suit with the National Labor Relations Board

The officials claim that the league is attempting to undermine the union with a letter to the officials claiming that the letters "contained inaccurate, false and incomplete information."

The league believes that such communications are just something normal.

It seems that whenever this deal gets resolved, it it will be just as complex as the NFL Lockout was.

So we wait on the courts and the two parties. There is just too much money to not come to an agreement. If the league uses replacements refs, there are concerns. They might not have the same concern for player safety. Missed calls and interpretations of rules will be the most likely result.

But if these are just leveraging tactics, they need to just get things settled. There is a lot of money -- spread it around.

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