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Arizona Cardinals Only Four Wins Away From Making History

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There will be plenty of storylines to look forward to while watching the Cardinals play next season. Will the quarterback crisis finally be solved? How will Michael Floyd fit in as a rookie? Will the offensive line show improvements? All of these questions will be answered.

But perhaps the biggest storyline may be something that many of us may not have even known about. The Arizona Cardinals are just four small victories away from a very big milestone.

According to Pro Football Reference, the Cardinals are four wins away from a grand total of 500 in franchise history. That would make them the 10th team to ever have accomplished such a feat.

Yes, the stats are tracked all the way back to 1920 when the Arizona Cardinals were the Chicago Cardinals at the time. So you would have to count the very first years of the franchise in order to reach the 500 mark.

The only thing we have to hope for now is that the Cardinals can get at least four wins this season. Otherwise, we may have bigger issues to worry about.

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