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Arizona Cardinals Have Breathing Room Under Salary Cap With Roster Set

The Arizona Cardinals have all but set their roster. They have signed all their draft picks and have more or less everyone they wanted to sign under contract. With training camp just a month away, the Cardinals are $4.55 million under the salary cap, according to Pro Football Talk.

This number is bigger than 13 other teams, but is not a final number.

Darren Urban notes on the team's official website that the current number is based on the highest paid 51 spots on the roster. The final number will include the final 53-man roster, in addition to any players on the practice squad or on injured reserve.

As it appears now, it does not look like there will be any problem with salary numbers. The team should be able to keep any player they want, regardless of their cap number.

Their current status also allows them to perhaps pick up a player upgrade should the opportunity arise.

Looking forward, do you see the Cards making any "salary dumps" or picking up any salary cap casualties from other teams? Or will they stand pat?

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