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Afternoon Open Thread Question: Which Makes Less Sense, NFL OT Rules Or MLB World Series Home-Field Advantage?

SB Nation has a new featured columns series, Called Bouts of Stupidity. Essentially, it allows you to vote on which of two choices makes less sense in the sports world.

The latest battle is a "heavyweight" stupidity battle, which is described as such:

World-class, top-rank stupid. It's capable of affecting the integrity or fairness of a sport, and/or our enjoyment of it, to a significant degree. Possible example: the BCS system.

The battle here is between the overtime rules the NFL has and the way that Major League Baseball decides home-field advantage for the World Series.

You know about overtime, although it has changed a bit. It used to be straight sudden death. Now it is sudden death if the team scores a touchdown or if both teams have had the ball for one possession. Or if it is the fourth Sunday of the fall, then if the ball is kicked out of bounds and a coach catches it, that team wins. Ok, not really.

In baseball, they use the All-Star Game winner to determine which league has home-field advantage in the World Series.

Which is the dumber rule? Vote and argue!

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