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Larry Fitzgerald Staying Out Of Quarterback Competition, Trying To Help Michael Floyd Instead

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Larry Fitzgerald has had quite the offseason. Once again, he took a plane to basically wherever it would take him, travelling the world and tweeting along the way. Then OTAs and minicamps began and he was back in town to participate with the team.

Although, this year things seemed a little bit different in that regard. Fitz is always still trying to hone his skills --that's what good players do-- but it seems by the way he spoke on Arizona 620's Doug and Wolf Show, he was much more of a mentor than he has ever been. This comes as no surprise with so many young receivers on the roster, including rookie phenom, Michael Floyd. Fitz is very involved in his development.

One thing that it seems he refuses to get involved with is the quarterback controversy.

Here is what Fitzgerald had to tell Doug and Wolf about the QB conundrum:

"I really just try to stay out of it as much as I possibly can. Just try to make my plays and do what I am coached to do and be responsible for that. The cream rises to the top. I know by Week 1 when we go out there we'll have our guy. We'll be supportive of that person."

Fitz has always been a rather neutral kind of guy, not letting his personal opinions on things outside of his control enter the public forum. Instead of worrying about that --because as he said, that type of thing takes care of itself-- he is working on getting better while helping his fellow receivers.

When discussing the mentoring process with Floyd and if he tries to give him tips or if he waits for Floyd to approach him, Fitz kind of said it's a bit of both.

"I don't ever want to come off like ‘Hey I am here and you got listen to what I am saying.' I rather have him see me continue to work on my craft, watch what I am doing, how I am in the classroom... I am always willing to help him because I know I would have been a much better player if I had a 7,8,9 year veteran that would have been able to teach me about coverages and routes and things like that," Fitzgerald said.

"It's one thing for me to coach it, but it's different from seeing it from here and being able to relay it to you in real time. I think I can definitely be a big advantage to him and he utilizes me."

Whatever he's been doing since being drafted in 2004, he should probably keep doing it. It's what made him one of the best wide receivers in the game. If Michael Floyd can become even half as good as Fitzgerald, the Cardinals will have plenty of weapons for whoever the signal caller may be.

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