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Tuesday Afternoon Open Thread: Do You Approve Of NFL Owners On Twitter?

Jim Irsay is by far the most active Twitter user out of any owner in the National Football League. Not only does he tweet out lyrics to songs that came out way before my time, but he also openly gives out Colts related news. He tweets roster changes before most of the media becomes aware of them. He also informs people of the latest Colts injuries.

So, my question to you is this: Should NFL owners even be on Twitter? Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill seems to shy away from that type of conduct, electing not to have a personal social media account. Is his silence and discretion a good thing for the Cardinals or would you prefer him to be more interactive with fans in that way?

What do you think? Do Twitter and NFL owners go together like James Harrison and illegal hits or should they avoid one another? Tell us in the comments section.