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How Great Is Larry Fitzgerald?

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Since the arrival of Larry Fitzgerald to the Valley of the Sun, he has made the Cardinals an exciting team to watch. Before he arrived, the Arizona Cardinals never really had a true superstar caliber player. Since then, we have seen him play in the Superbowl, star in Nike commercials, the creation of "Fitz Knows" T- Shirts, and he even appeared on the cover of the ever so popular Madden Football video game.

So just how great is Larry Fitzgerald? Well, most fans have forgotten or didn't even notice that he finished fourth in overall receiving yards behind Calvin Johnson, Wes Welker, and Victor Cruz. Larry had 80 receptions, 1,411 yards, and 8 touchdowns. Fans shouldn't be surprised by these numbers, but considering the quarterback play last year these numbers are outstanding. Could you imagine if he had a ProBowl QB like Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, or Drew Brees throwing to him last year? I've been thinking about it a lot actually. Larry's stats weren't a product of outstanding quarterback play, it was a product of greatness. The receivers that were ahead of Larry had QB's that threw 5,000 yards or close to it. I'm not saying Larry would've had more yards than those receivers above him, but you do the math folks.

Larry Fitzgerald is no doubt the greatest wide receiver to ever wear a Cardinals uniform. With the right QB throwing to him the next 5-6 years, he could be the greatest of all time.

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This was a blog post originally written on Joe and Mario's Birdgang Podcast page.