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Arizona Cardinals Partner With Hyundai, Will Have Logo On Their Practice Jerseys

According to a press release from the team, the Arizona Cardinals have formed a new partnership with Hyundai. With this deal, Hyundai will basically become the exclusive sponsor of the team in return for a handsome amount of money. Hyundai will have the right to display their signage, they will gain naming rights to the entertainment stage on the lawn and they get further promotional rights as well.

Perhaps the biggest perk for Hyundai is that they will feature their logo on the Cardinals practice jerseys throughout the life of the deal.

For the first time ever, the Cardinals have agreed to let a sponsor place their logo on their practice jerseys. On top of that, they now become the main sponsor for the team's training camp as well. So when you travel up to Flagstaff next, you will now be going to watch the "Cardinals Training Camp presented by Hyundai."

This move really comes as no surprise. All professional sports teams are driven by corporate business and sponsors, so it seems overdue that the Cardinals are catching on to the trend.

Coincidentally, the Cardinals have also seemed to copy the Pittsburgh Steelers yet again. The press release indicates that the Steelers are the only other NFL team to have a partnership with Hyundai.

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