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Thursday Afternoon Open Thread: Should The NFL Strip Draft Picks From Teams With Unruly Players?

This offseason, like many others, has become a tale of players getting into trouble. Typically, it's getting DUIs and other misdemeanors, but the amount of players getting into trouble with the law is at an all time high. The Detroit Lions, for instance, have had six arrests of their players alone. The league knows it needs to take action to put a cap on this type of behavior.

Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk has a great idea for how to curb players getting into legal trouble. He claims that the NFL should strip draft picks from teams that have players who consistently have issues. The thought is that if you punish the specific team harder, then they will be more reluctant to draft players with issues. And if said player has already been drafted, if they are costing their team picks, they could be cut because of it.

If a player is threatened with being cut or not being drafted, they are less likely to commit the crime.

As Florio states, it could start with a 7th round pick and as more players get into trouble, that pick could climb. Personally, I see this as a great idea. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not. But it is definitely worth the try.

What do you think? Are there other ways the NFL could stop this kind of behavior? Is the stripping of draft picks a good idea? Tell us.