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Arizona Cardinals Possibly To Visit Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp?

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The Arizona Cardinals will play the Kansas City Chiefs in the preseason, on August 10, just a few days after playing in th Hall of Fame Game August 5.

In one report, it appears that the Cardinals are planning to visit Missouri Western State University as part of training camp.

This isn't the first time the Cards have done something like this. In 2010, after their preseason games against the Tennessee Titans, they had a joint practice against Tennessee .

The players enjoyed the practice because after weeks of hitting teammates, they were able to meet someone else and hit them.

Some might worry about the risk for injury, but that risk is really no greater than practicing with your own teammates.

Based on what the article said, though, it could simply be that the team is looking to stay over there before the game, rather than wait and feel something after that.

Are you ok with practicing with another team? What about the risks involved?

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