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Saturday Afternoon Open Thread: Can Donovan McNabb Make An NFL Comeback?

Before I even start this post, let me just say... No, the Arizona Cardinals do not have any interest in bringing in Donovan McNabb. Are we good? Cool.

But that doesn't mean another team won't. After being released by the Vikings during the middle of the 2011 season, McNabb is looking to make yet another comeback in the league. His last two stops could be deemed rather unsuccessful after a very successful career as a Philadelphia Eagle.

Pro Football Talk, along with many other outlets, is reporting that he would like to still play. In fact, he claims that there's an 80-90% chance he will play. McNabb himself stated that he is looking at about three different teams. Whether those teams are looking at him or not is another story.

So here's the question to the community for today: Can McNabb still play as a starting quarterback in the NFL? If so, which teams may have interest in his services?

Tell us in the comments section.