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What Is Your Favorite Sports Highlight?

If you have been a sports fan like me, over the course of your life, there are some moments that you will never forget in sports. As a fan of Arizona sports, you will find that most of those moments are disappointing. One of my earliest moments of disappointments was when the Phoenix Suns lost in the NBA Finals because of the John Paxson three. The Suns then provided lowlights two straight season in blowing 3-1 series leads to the Houston Rockets in the playoffs.

On the good side, the Arizona Diamondbacks won the 2001 World Series.

But for this blog, being an NFL and Arizona Cardinals site, I would like to share my favorite Cardinals highlight.

It almost has to be cheating because there haven't been a ton of significant Cardinals moments since I started following the team in roughly 1990-91. Most of the time it was yuck.

However, if I had to pick one greatest highlight ever, it would come from the Cardinals Super Bowl run -- and actually in the Super Bowl.

My favorite highlight was the Larry Fitzgerald touchdown reception that gave the Cards the lead with a little more than two minutes left in the game.

Fitz had been bottled up most of the game, but the Cardinals found a way to get him the ball, and he split the safeties, outrunning everyone to the endzone.

Looking at replays, you could just see the look on Fitz' face -- that he was set on scoring. That no matter what, no one was going to catch him.

Here is the clip:

With the play, I was convinced the Cardinals were actually going to win the Super Bowl. I couldn't believe it.

Unfortunately, the game ended in heartbreak, but that Fitz TD stands out in my mind. It was a brief moment in which I honestly thought that the team had done the absolute impossible and beaten the Steelers for a Super Bowl win.

Now that I have shared, we would like you all to do the same. Tell us what your favorite Cardinals highlight has been, or any sports highlight if you would like.

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