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Arizona Cardinals Offseason: Wouldn't be Surprised If Cardinals Win NFC West

We have watched the Arizona Cardinals have a pretty uneventful offseason, ignoring the pursuit of Peyton Manning. does a good breakdown of the biggest questions that face Arizona.

Here are the questions:

1. Is Kevin Kolb the right man for the job?

2. Will Patrick Peterson take the next step?

3. Can the Cardinals' offensive line improve?

Time will tell, but I think Kolb will be that guy.

Will Peterson take the next step? Yes indeed.

As for the offensive line, we will wait and see.

But the best part is the overall outlook.

The main difference is under center, where Arizona has traded in Kurt Warner for Kolb and, to a lesser extent, Skelton. Alex Smith and the 49ers proved last season that you can win without consistently great quarterback play, but the Cardinals need one of their two guys to step up and grab the bull by the horns. If that happens, there's no reason this team can't compete. Don't be surprised if Arizona walks away with the NFC West in 2012.

Now it's your turn!

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