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Cards Re-Sign Haggans

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What should come as little surprise, the Arizona Cardinals re-sign Linebacker Clark Haggans.

In order to make room for Haggans the Cardinals released undrafted Rookie LB Broderick Binns out of Iowa. Haggans will most likely come to add depth to that ROLB position behind O'Brien Schofield who aims to be the teams starter. Haggans has not only been a valuable asset in the Lockeroom, but he's been vital in developing Schofield and Sam Acho on the field.

He has spent 4 of his 12 years in Arizona being a valuable player in all of them. He understands Ray Hortons scheme because he spent 8 seasons in Pittsburgh prior to coming to Arizona. While his understanding of the scheme is not as important as last season he can still help mentor players like Paul Vassallo, Quan Sturdivant, Zack Nash, and Colin Parker.

A side note: Police recovered a 'stolen' Packers Superbowl Ring during a raid of a Mexican Drug Cartel....