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ROTB Roundtable: 3rd String QB, Kansas City practice, and NFL Refs

As the Cardinals' Training Camps nears, the players have been kept busy with OTAs and minicamps. And, of course, questions have been raised.

Hit the jump to see the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of these questions, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Who do you think will end up as the 3rd string QB, and why?

Cdeveau: As of right now, the way I see things shaping out, Bartel is the 3rd string QB. He looked like a 3rd string QB last year in OTAs. Rookie Lindley is someone the staff likes, but he is raw, and inaccurate enough now that he needs time to learn. I see him going to the practice squad.

Tyler Nickel: Honestly, it's nothing against Rich Bartel, but I think Ryan Lindley wins the 3rd string QB job. The Cardinals won't carry four QB's on the roster and it is far too risky to try and place Lindley on the practice squad. I think his upside is pretty good and although Bartel is better now, Lindley could be a nice player in 2-3 years.

Jesse Reynolds: Bartel. This is really tough because Bartel is experienced while Lindley is potential. Right now with Skelton and Kolb we need an experienced QB should the wheels fall off, not another potential guy with accuracy problems.

Alex Mann: Lindley. He's younger and has a lot more upside than Bartel does at this point. Bartel is a great 3rd string QB and adds a lot to our sideline but I think the FO and Coaches are looking for someone who could possibly be a Starter someday in the league.

JoeCB1991: Bartel since he has more experience in the system.

Jess Root: While I know the coaches like Bartel, they drafted Lindley to develop him. You can't do that when he's not on the team. It will be Lindley.

2) The Cardinals might have the chance to travel to Kansas City to practice with the Chiefs. Do you think this is a good idea?

Cdeveau: Yes. Anytime you get to work against someone else, it is a good change of pace. Adds a competitive wrinkle to practice, alters what both the offense and defense will see, and changes up the face lining across from a player.

Tyler Nickel: Of course this is a good idea. Anytime you can practice against other NFL teams before the season starts, it is going to help your team. Not only does it help in terms of travel, but it reduces the monotony of having to go up against your own team all the time.

Jesse Reynolds: This is a great idea. After hitting the same people for weeks on end it is great to line up against someone you are not familiar with and that is going to challenge you like it's a game.

Alex Mann: Great idea. When the Cardinals practiced with the Titans a few years ago it seemed to work out well and the players enjoyed it. Kansas should challenge Arizona with who they have as personnel and their defensive schemes.

JoeCB1991: I don't see anything wrong with it besides taking away a few days that they could be in Flagstaff. If it makes travel easier for them, do it.

Jess Root: Since it is practice, it is fine. However, the downside is that it takes away from practices in Flagstaff, which means less opportunities for fans to see them in training camp.

3) Jess wrote an article about how the NFL might have to bring in replacement referees. Does this worry you?

Cdeveau: Nope. I was actually looking for a job!

Tyler Nickel: Yes and no. The referees that we have now in the NFL are (for the most part) very seasoned and very well trained and I like how that lends itself to better calls on the field. but if they are going to be in a dispute with the league, then I do not want them to stop the play of football altogether. I think the dispute gets settled before the season starts, but it's hard to tell at this point. As long as the replacement refs aren't tossing flags every 5 seconds, I will be okay with it.

Jesse Reynolds: Yes, I think the NFL is making a mistake. While the NFL referees are not perfect they are far more experienced. Now if they are making unreasonable demands, I understand but it seems the NFL is being cheap here.

Alex Mann: A little. We saw the poor officiating last season (Giants game) and if these Refs are brought in from Little Colleges or non BCS Games then we can expect to see plenty more mistakes and errors this season.

JoeCB1991: Yeah, the normal refs are already messed up enough, how many calls will the guys they pull off the street screw up now? I still think they will be better than NBA refs though.

Jess Root: Since I wrote it, but didn't come out and say my two cents...I'm not too concerned. Replay rules do now mitigate many big errors and since they will already have been officials, they will have had experience.