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Afternoon Open Thread: The Concussion Lawsuit Against The NFL

If you have been following it at all, the NFL is facing litigation by more than 2000 former players about concussions and the actions the league took or didn't take to take care of player safety.

SB Nation's NFL page has a StoryStream that is covering the story from start to finish.

Most of the lawsuits seek damages for lost wages (because of a shortened career), pain and suffering and medical treatment.

The league is now trying to put in place safeguards to maintain player safety. Many believe these guidelines take safety too far and are ruining the game.

Without them, the league might be subject to even more lawsuits.

What side are you on? Do you think these suits should be happening? Are these former players right? Is the league concerned about player safety or just protecting itself against litigation? Should there be greater requirements and restrictions placed on the sport to protect players from themselves?

Let's get this thread started.