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Football Outsiders Talks Arizona Cardinals Post-Draft Needs, Key Undrafted Free Agents

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Football Outsiders published a post a few days ago going through each of the NFC West teams and detailing some draft notes for each one. For the Arizona Cardinals, writer Rivers McCown rips on them pretty heavily for their lack of movement at one particular position.

To see where he thinks they should have improved, as well as a possible undrafted free agent that could make the roster, hit the jump.

We have all been through the Levi Brown scenario eleventy-bagillion times in our heads. The guy is, simply put, an enigma. Yes, he played well towards the latter end of the 2011 season, but can consistent play be counted on from him? Will he be able to keep Kevin Kolb or John Skelton from having happy feet in the pocket? McCown doesn't seem to think so.

He criticizes the Cardinals for not drafting a left tackle prospect in an earlier round. The only player that projects to possibly play on the left side one day is Nate Potter, a seventh round pick out of Boise State. At this point, Potter is way too raw to even consider starting and Brown will (presumably) be the starter at left tackle once again.

Yes, Riley Reiff, Jonathan Martin and others were available with the 13th overall pick, but the Cardinals obviously see something in Michael Floyd. Wide receiver was still a big need for this organization and by obtaining Floyd, the Cardinals may just be helping their quarterbacks in a different way.

As for the undrafted free agent I spoke of earlier, McCown claims that Houston ILB Marcus McGraw definitely has a shot at making the 53-man roster. Paris Lenon and Stewart Bradley are both seen as "stopgaps" at the position, leaving Daryl Washington in need of a partner that can man the inside with him long-term. I personally do not see Bradley as a stopgap, per se, but more of a player that simply needs to find his way.

Also, McCown point out that Sacramento State's Zack Nash could be a pass rusher that the Cardinals look to keep aboard. If O'Brien Schofield and Sam Acho cannot get the job done (which, at this point, there really isn't any reason to think that they can't), look for Nash to possibly find his way into the rotation.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Is McCown right? Should the Cardinals have drafted a left tackle prospect earlier on in the draft or grabbed a veteran free agent aside from Brown? What about the undrafted free agents? Do you think McGraw or Nash could be Cardinals for the long haul?

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