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Beanie Wells Is Only Other Arizona Cardinals In Fantasy Top 100

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Tyler shared a couple of days ago that Larry Fitzgerald is the only Arizona Cardinals player listed among the top 50 in Fake Team's rankings. They now released players 51-100 in their overall fantasy rankings and there is another Cardinals player -- running back Beanie Wells.

He comes in at number 67. He ranks ahead of DeSean Jackson, Jay Cutler and Santonio Holmes.

However, that may actually be a little high.

We know that the Arizona Cardinals are not very dedicated to running the ball. We also know that Ryan Williams is expected to play, and if he is healthy, many believe that he could actually wrest away the starting job from Wells.

In any case, if Williams is healthy, Beanie Wells may be a guy you want to avoid drafting because his carries will go down.

That being said, when Williams returns and whether he will be anything like he looked like he could be are still unknown. With a healthy Wells, he would be in line to get even more carries.

So, in essence, Wells is a crap shoot. He could be a high reward pick, but he also could be a fantasy bust in 2012.

Draft at your own risk.

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