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D'Anthony Batiste Vs. Nate Potter Vs. D.J. Young: Who Will Be The Backup Left Tackle For The Arizona Cardinals?

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At this point, it is pretty much a foregone that Levi Brown will be the starting left tackle for the Arizona Cardinals once again in 2012. The team recently re-signed him to a new five-year contract in the hopes that even if he doesn't pan out, he can bide some time for them to acquire a new anchor for the blindside.

But what if Brown were to go down with an injury? Realistically, Jeremy Bridges could possibly shift to the left side, but he is aging and could be relegated solely to the right side. D'Anthony Batiste, D.J. Young and Nate Potter are listed as the backups to Brown on the left side, but assuming the team assigns one as the true backup to Brown, who do you think it will be?

Potter is the Cardinals' 2012 seventh-round draft choice coming out of Boise State. At Boise, Potter protected the blindside of the most winningest quarterback in college football history, Kellen Moore. Right now, Potter is a bit of a project for the team and does not figure to see much if any playing time next season.

D.J. Young, another young player, only has one year of experience in the NFL, but the Cardinals obviously see something in this talented athlete. To avoid getting him stolen from their practice squad, Arizona elevated Young to the 53-man roster last season. He will also be in the mix for the backup job at both tackle spots.

D'Anthony Batiste was re-signed during the offseason after playing the past two seasons as a backup lineman for the Cards. Batiste has played in a total of five games in 2010 and 2011, starting in none of them. He saw time both at guard and tackle, which is part of the reason Arizona decided to keep him around. His versatility is an asset to the team.

So if Brown goes down, who would you feel more comfortable with at left tackle? Batiste has much more experience in the NFL, so basic knowledge would lead you to believe he would be the best fit. But with Potter and Young's youth and athleticism, they may compete for the job as well.

What do you think? Is Batiste the guy to backup Brown? How about Potter? Young? Tell us what you think and vote in the poll.

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