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Afternoon Open Thread Question: How Can NFL Fix Falling Attendance To Games?

The NFL is super popular. We know that. How do we know that? Because of the insane amounts of money TV networks are willing to pay to broadcast the league's game. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, the league has attendance problem, as it is 4.5 percent lower than in 2007.

Yet, the league has decided to loosen the local blackout rule. They allow teams to set a ticket sales goal so that the game will be aired locally.

Team owners have passed a resolution that starting this season will allow for local broadcasts of NFL games even when as few as 85% of tickets are sold. Under the new rule, each team has more flexibility to establish its own seat-sales benchmark as long as it is 85% or higher. To discourage teams from setting easy benchmarks, teams will be forced to share more of the revenue when they exceed it.

The article also notes some of the in-game innovations that the league is beginning to think about offering to those in attendance, giving them something more than what you would get by watching the game on TV.

So, attendance is down, TV viewership is up and the league is making it easier to see games on TV. Will that do the trick?

The question for you is this -- what should the league do to increase actual game attendance?

Is it a matter of simple economics in price? Or does it 'have to do with what happens while at the game in the stadium?

It is your turn to comment!

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