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Should The Arizona Cardinals Defensive Line Be Ranked Higher than 8th?

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On the Arizona Cardinals defensive line, they have two pretty known commodities. One is Darnell Dockett, who gets mad respect from opposing teams' coaches who scheme and game plan specifically for him. He does not get the respect from his peers or from the media because of his demeanor, but he works his tail off and is disruptive in the field. The other known commodity is Calais Campbell, who became one of the most overall productive defensive end in a while. He had tackles, sacks, tipped passes and blocked field goals.

But even with these two, the Cardinals defensive line was still ranked only eighth by Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation.

Writes Van Bibber:

Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett rank among the better defensive linemen in the game. If he can stay healthy in his third season, Dan Williams has shown enough to be an above average nose tackle.

The descriptions were certainly right on, although Dan Williams' upside is more than above average.

The issue is that the Seattle Seahawks were ranked two ahead of Arizona. Maybe it is just the fan in me or maybe because they have Alan Branch on that line, but I don't see it. The other teams ahead I don't have an issue with, but Seattle yes.

That defensive line allowed 93 rushing yards to LaRod Stephens-Howling, the team's third-string running back (although he is a special player).

I guess I would only move the Seahawks behind Arizona and move the other teams up.

Where would you rank the Arizona defensive line?

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